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Brief Introduction of Jiangxi Luyuan Grease Industry Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Lvyuan Grease Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") The company was founded in 2001, is a modern enterprise integrating raw material planting, production and processing, product research and development, marketing, organic agricultural development and eco-tourism. The production and processing base is located in the newly built Changhou Industrial Park, with an annual production and processing capacity of 30,000 tons. The organic agriculture and eco-tourism base is located in Jinqiao and Datang County of Xinjian County, with a core area of ​​more than 10,000 mu.
With the concept of "creating healthy life", the company established a fat research and development center in cooperation with Nanchang University, which combines modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, and continuously produces products suitable for the dietary needs of Chinese families. After more than ten years of development and brand building, it has developed more than 100 varieties and specifications of edible oils of five major brands including "Lvyuan Jinggang" and "Jincancan". There are mainly camellia oil series, vitality oil series, rapeseed oil series and blending oil series. The company has always pursued the tenet of "customer first, quality first", and has formulated a set of perfect production management and quality inspection system to strictly control product quality. The company has fully passed the ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, tea oil products have passed the organic food certification, and has won "Jiangxi Province Famous Brand Products", "Jiangxi Province Famous Trademarks", "Agricultural Industrialization Province" Class leading enterprise "and other honors. The products are sold to more than ten provinces, districts and cities across the country. In Jiangxi, the products cover all county-level markets.
According to the company's development needs and actively responding to the call of the national camellia industry development policy, since 2008, it has made great efforts to build a camellia base and put forward the goal of "rebuilding a green source from the mountain". In accordance with the requirements of "agricultural industrialization, industrial park, and park landscape", organic agricultural development and ecotourism construction are carried out, and the area of ​​camellia plantation is continuously expanded through lease contracting, cooperative sharing, contract acquisition, and formation of cooperatives. At present, the company's self-operated demonstration camellia has an area of ​​12,000 mu. On this basis, it has driven more than 5,000 farmers in more than ten townships throughout the county to engage in camellia cultivation. In December 2011, the "General Planning of Jiangxi Lvyuan Camellia Industrial Science and Technology Park" declared by the company passed the expert review organized by the Provincial Forestry Department and was officially approved for implementation. The construction of the camellia industrial science and technology park has played a leading role in the demonstration of the camellia industry in our county and the whole province.
We will continue to carry forward the spirit of Jinggang, striving towards the vision of "creating wealth for society and creating health for mankind", dedicated service, and strive to build China's first brand of ecologically good oil.
The company's honors in recent years are:
◆ In 2003, it was the first batch to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in the same industry
◆ In 2003, the company was granted the "National Industrial Product Production License" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the corresponding "Quality and Safety" market access qualification, namely the QS mark
◆ In 2004, it was rated as "Jiangxi Customer Satisfaction Product" by Jiangxi Quality Association
◆ In 2004, it was awarded the advanced unit of "Integrity and Rights Protection" by Jiangxi Consumer Association
◆ In 2004, it was awarded the "Special Propaganda Unit of Stressing Quality and Integrity" by Nanchang City
◆ 2005 "Top Ten Influential Brands of Chinese Edible Oil"
◆ In 2005, it was appraised as the designated oil for the “Great Hall of the People” in Beijing
◆ In 2005, it was awarded the designated oil for Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
◆ In 2005, it was rated as the key recommended product of the National Government Procurement Forum
◆ In 2006, it was awarded "Citizen's Favorite Tourism Product" in Nanchang
◆ In 2007, it passed the organic food and green food certification of China Green Huaxia Organic Certification Center
◆ In 2007 won the Jiangxi famous brand products
◆ In 2008 won the famous trademark of Jiangxi Province
◆ In 2008 won the municipal leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization
◆ In 2010 won the provincial leading enterprise
◆ In 2011 won the title of "Advanced Unit for the Harmonious Enterprise"
◆ In 2011 won the "Chinese Food Safety Demonstration Unit"
◆ In 2012 won the "Provincial Forestry Leading Enterprise"
◆ In 2013 won the "Provincial Excellent Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise"
◆ 2013 won the "advanced unit to help the disabled"
◆ In 2013 won the "AA contract and trustworthy unit"
◆ In 2014 won the famous trademark of Jiangxi Province
◆ In 2015 was rated as a demonstration processing enterprise
◆ In 2015, it was awarded "Model Workers' Home" by Jiangxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions
◆ 2016 was rated as a national new technology enterprise
◆ In 2016 was rated as "Fifty Best" Standard Trade Union
◆ In 2016, it was rated as “Provincial Forestry Leading Enterprise” by Jiangxi Provincial Forestry Department
◆ In 2016, its brand Jiu Jiufu was named Jiangxi Jiangxi Famous Trademark
◆ In 2017, it was rated as "Nanchang E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise" by Nanchang Municipal Bureau of Commerce
◆ In 2017, it was rated as "civilized and honest enterprise"
◆ In 2017, Luyuan Jinggang Camellia Oil was rated as Jiangxi Famous Brand Product
Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future, all employees of the company will continue to carry forward the spirit of Jinggang in Jiangxi, learn from others and make innovations, implement large-scale and cross-regional marketing strategies, establish a stronger and more sound marketing network and information channels, and provide users with dedication. Eternal social service! Broaden new partners, open up new areas of cooperation, and strive to build the first brand of vegetable edible oil in Jiangxi Province!

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